Soo long PSTV

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Hey guys its Mike and today this site goes down all authors have been removed from the site but you have all been added to so yeah go read the authors page(edit to see it the password) and thanks for following us on PSTV now its times to move on

~Teengaming studios


Halloweens here kiddies!

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Hey guys its me Mass killer99 or mike. Sorry for not talking for awhile we had 2 projects to do and also we have been playing reach alot……. MAJOR GRADE 2! So ummmm yeah the reach vids are slowing coming it will take some time mostly because no manual…………. Help? so yeah Halloweens here have a safe time tonight sense no one comes to my street i mite go as jason jump out and scare 6 yr olds then there mothers kill me sounds fun right? Well pce guy i will talk to u tom i hope.


ALSO i want to change my name on xbox i need some help picking 1 heres what i dont want

  • Dont name it after a game/character
  • Dont say Mass killer99/Dominator7808
  • Dont make it like DGH4346SDSFV
  • Dont make it tejb hes to cool and swidish to copy lol

P.S- I never told u guys my toughts on black and white

  • Story line rocked
  • new pokemon are ok
  • tough battles

Those are really the only things that impressed me so my rating for pokemon black and white are 4.9/10 and i wont be getting the english version theres no post game or anything aslo

Monster Hide and Control >:D

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MWA HA HA! It is I! The Franken Monster Icy. Tonite I have alittle game for you all. It’s called Monster Hide and Control! Here’s how you play

  • I infect one person at the start to be my minion
  • Me and my minion find you
  • If we find you then you join us
  • If your find you help us find everyone
  • Once everyone is found then it reset with a new minion and monster

Heres where to go

  • Shiver
  • Time: 5:30pm pst
  • Place: The great Iceburg Pumpkin (Charlie Brown references anyone?)
  • Be any color but green! When you get infect turn green!

Cya you all there. If you dare

~Monster Icy

PS If you havent become a member on teengaming we will make you member tonight if you show!

The Three Word Story!

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Hey Everyone It’s Newty! Some of you added some things on the Three Word Story! Here it is!

Once There Was 

A Person Who

Liked To Eat

French Fries With

A Banana That

Sings And Dances

That Person Lived

For Over A

Decade In Michigan

Where The Lions

Lost Football Games

And Kicked People!


Live Soon

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hey its Withyoually/Pacman, I haven’t posted in a long time srry! My internet at my house is really slow so that means I cant get on the site! I can only get on Facebook at my house! So I will only beable to get on at my grandma’s place! Plus I might be getting live soon so I will need everyone’ gamertag soon! 11 MORE DAYS TILL BLACK OPS CANT WAIT! Well I gtg peace out pplz!

~Withyoually/Pacman 🙂


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Ok so as tiny posted below halloween is on CP now so i heard rumors of a music vid??? hmmmm ya heres a pic of me and newty gettin our swagg on at the party ~Kamp

Halloween PARTY!

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hey this is tiny! the party on cp is finally here. woo!

Later ~tiny1201~

P.S. i beat you this time bird!~

Bird~ I was on at like 3:00pm my time (eastern) And they didn’t update early! Soo yeah… I just got on. I’ll beat cha’ next time! Lol!